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LGBT friendly Berlin

Germany's vibrant and exciting capital city has long been a magnate for LGBT people from all over Germany and the world. Since reunification in 1990 the city has once again taken centre-stage as a global hub for politics, culture, fashion, music, art and counter-culture, that quite simply oozes it's own unique cosmopolitan vitality.

Those of you who have already visited Berlin will know just how much this city has to offer LGBT visitors. But discovering Berlin's diverse scene, exciting nightlife and unique sightseeing is an experience you will never forget - no matter how many times you visit.

As gay destinations go, Berlin is simply world-class, with a large gay population of around 300,000 people that is well organised, and with a huge variety of venues, social groups, shops, restaurants, organisations, bars and super-clubs to rival any city in Europe, or the world. In short, there really is something to suit everyone, and the atmosphere is as cool as you like, or as hot as you can handle, from one of the premier gay cities on the planet. With so much to do it is useful to have a few pointers on where to start.

The city's gay and lesbian scene is concentrated to various degrees in three different locations. Firstly, in Schöneberg to the north, with its classic scene; secondly, in Kreuzberg which offers a more alternative mixture of culture and nightlife; and lastly, in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin's version of Soho) which has a rather trendy flair.

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