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LGBT friendly Manchester

Manchester is often called the UK's gay capital of the North, and for good reason as it has a great many attractions for LGBT visitors. The city's gay village centred around Canal Street is of course famous for being the setting of the ground-breaking TV series Queer as Folk, and is still the lively focal point for Manchester's LGBT community. The city's Northern Quarter is also gaining quite an LGBT following too, attracted by the bohemian atmosphere and increasing number of quirky and cool eateries, coffee shops and independent retail outlets.

Visitors to the city can learn about Manchester's LGBT history on guided walks courtesy of the city council, which follow the route of rainbow plaques which are laid throughout the city to commemorate significant events and mark important locations. As well as an excellent and thriving year-round gay scene, Manchester also hosts a number of award-winning community events including Manchester Pride - a jam-packed festival of sport, music, film, theatre and arts, that culminates in the Big Weekend that dominates the city centre for these annual celebrations.

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