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LGBT friendly Switzerland

Switzerland's progressive and tolerant society makes it a fantastic destination for LGBT visitors. This beautiful country also offers a huge range of inspirational experiences, breath-taking scenery and exciting cities to explore. No matter whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure, a cultural city break, or a combination of the two, Switzerland can deliver. In Switzerland you can be as active or as leisurely as you like. Relax in a rejuvenating and luxurious spa, or explore the cities excellent cultural attractions, enjoy crisp clear air, and delicious cuisine - Switzerland offers a unique experience like no other.

Gay and lesbian visitors can also enjoy the local scene in cities such as Zurich and Lausanne, which offer bars, restaurants, clubs, and even beaches during the summer months. Annual festivals such as Zurich Pride and Warmer Mai are also draws for LGBT visitors from all over the world. Whatever you a looking for we are sure that Switzerland has something to tempt you - or perhaps even a new experience is just waiting to be discovered.

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